Welcome to the Georgia Partnership’s Education Policy Toolbox, the new on-line version of our Policy Primer. Here you will find a portal of information that can be used by all education stakeholders on a wealth of topics.  Whether you are a legislator, teacher, administrator or someone with a personal interest in policy matters, this site is for you!

Recent Education Research

We update the Toolbox whenever we discover new education research. 

Teacher Quality - New report from the National Council on Teacher Quality finds that the pool of adequately prepared teachers needs to be expanded in the United States. Read the full report here.





Funding- The "Smarter Funding, Better Outcomes" focuses on the structure of Georgia school finance and recommends a student-based funding formula that promotes equity, flexibility, and transparency. Read the full report here

Should pre-school be guaranteed for the district’s most economically disadvantaged children?

Read what D.C. is working on here.

Discipline-  African Americans are three times as likely as their white peers to be expelled or suspended. 

The Department of Education has released a guide for improving school climate and discipline by mitigating racially discriminatory measures. Read the full report here 

Teacher Workforce- Report released from the Friedman Foundation finds that surge in teacher employment has not improved academic outcomes, but has caused the nation roughly 37.2 billion per year. Read the rest of the report here.

We encourage our visitors to inform us whenever they come across something new that might be a nice addition here. 
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